former coach Charlie Weis buyout Notre Dame with Nearly $19 million

Notre Dame football has finally cut itself free from certainly one of college football’s most notoriously excessive buyouts.

A repayment in excess of $two million to former coach Charlie Weis was disclosed Monday on the federal taxes, per the Indiana

Star, ending a buyout that totaled $18,967,960 for any coach who had been fired following the 2009 season.

Weis compiled an eye on 35-27 in five seasons as Notre Dame’s coach, and handle his final season on the four-game losing streak at 6-6. After being fired at Notre Dame, he offered one season as offensive coordinator for that Might Leaders, then in the

College of Florida. Kansas hired him as mind coach this year, however the Jayhawks fired him halfway through his third season  Rickey Henderson Jersey.

Contemplate it a lesson for those sports company directors that lengthy-term contract extensions for football coaches, and also the
buyout clauses

frequently mounted on them, can frequently be premature.


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