Fleener hopes system knowledge leads to faster start

This past year, the idea of pairing Came Brees with former second-round pick Coby Fleener was enough to create the most recent round of the items-if hype for that Saints’ offense.

After 50 catches on 81 targets for 631 yards and three touchdowns, expectations for year two have to be tempered a little — unless of course you’re Fleener themself  Casey Lawrence Jersey.

“There’s certainly an amount of comfort that comes with it to be the second year,” Fleener told NOLA.com. “It is a relearning instead of learning another offense and language.”

Fleener told the website that “to assume which i would have a similar statistics as (Jimmy Graham) the very first year out, I believe will be a challenge and that i appreciate that challenge, I understand the high expectations in the group of followers. I believe they ought to have individuals, and thus hopefully we are able to meet or exceed individuals hockey jerseys for sale.”

It appears hard to project anybody in New Orleans’ offense any longer aside from Brees who, each year since 2011 has tossed in excess of or almost exactly 5,000 yards inside a season. Since 2012, there’s only been one repeat leading receiver with Brees — Brandin Cooks, as well as then, Cooks was nearly surpassed by rookie Michael Thomas this past year and traded at season’s finish.

So with Fleener, possibly the most crucial factor for fans is going to be breaking lower expectations and knowning that there’s no plug-and-play within this system. A slight improvement over this past year will make for any fairly effective third option, despite what our wildest imaginations may have created Blue Jays Merchandise.


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