the Goo Goos store only open in Nashville.

Through the Stanley Cup Playoffs, one factor is becoming abundantly apparent: The National hockey writing staff loves to eat. A great deal.

From pizza in Pittsburgh to redneck lo mein in Nashville, there is lots of postcards told to go to home about dinner.

What about dessert?

Believe to check out-up some bbq in comparison with some lower-home, traditional-fashioned country sugar Roberto Alomar Jersey?

Knowning that, I braved the CMA Fan Fair crowd along with the usual downtown mayhem on Saturday mid-day punching the Goo Goo Shop on 3rd Avenue.

Carrying out a two-block walk from Bridgestone Arena, I felt like my nostrils wouldn’t shake the odor of grilled beef and stale beer that filled the Nashville air. Nonetheless the 2nd I walked towards the store, that lovely odor of chocolate

needed control.

Everywhere I looked within the store was some type of Goo Goo. Goo Goo T-shirts, Goo Goo coffee mugs, Goo Goo accessories. For me there might have been a Goo Goo Toy.

The primary attraction may be the Original Goo Goo Cluster, single.75-ounce, 240-calorie volume of paradise that mixes milk chocolate, caramel, nougat, marshmallow and peanuts.

There is a final Cluster, that has pecans instead of peanuts, along with the Peanut Butter Cluster.

Jesse Ernest, 20, that has labored within the store for 2 primary ? many could be a walking, speaking Goo Goo Cluster encyclopedia, pointed out first-timers like myself has to start while using initial and work their in place.

“In case you didn’t have a very Goo Goo, possess the Original. It you will get aboard,Inch pointed out Ernest. “We recommend the three, but everybody need to get their unique favorite Rickey Henderson Jersey

Ernest pointed out the Goo Goo Clusters are really a Nashville staple from the time these were first produced in 1912.

“It’s a part of our history,” Ernest pointed out.

In the middle of the shop may be the dessert bar — as though I chosen over achieve any more pounds concerning this trip – as well as the trunk was your house where I believed Goo Goos came out to create. I had been right, kind of.

Since the regular Goo Goo Clusters are created about 10 miles from downtown, your house within the shop makes several types of the Goo Goo Supreme, which weighs four ounces.

“They appear like hockey pucks,” Ernest pointed out.

The premium Goo Goos, hands crafted within the shop, contain goodies. For instance, the hearth Cowboy has chocolates ganache, smoked ocean salted caramel, graham crackers and roasted house-made Kentucky Bourbon marshmallow in milk


Ernest states reduced known as Swanson is inside the works. The primary component: Bourbon bacon. Breakfast and dessert all-in-one meal.

This is a hit during this pork-obsessed town, nonetheless the Goo Goo had been rather popular.

Before Game 4 within the Stanley Cup Final, NBC play-by-play man Doc Emrick organized a Goo Goo Cluster on tv. Ernest pointed out the chocolate remains mentioned by 50 % installments of “The Walking Dead” and new bands star Keith Urban used a

Goo Goo Cluster T-shirt by getting a chapter of “Americanidol.In Blue Jays Shirts Canada .

Ernest pointed out the shop has about 1,500-2,000 visitors every single day. He pointed out more customers demonstrated up carrying out a Emrick cameo which Nashville Predators goalkeeper Pekka Rinne has elevated the shop. Gambling quarterback Marcus Mariota also

visited to obtain the black and white-colored-colored-colored milkshake – a vanilla shake with hot fudge — offered inside the dessert bar.

Knowing my hard-working crew opt no under 1 hour 30 minutes with no meal together with yet to look for the Goo Goo Cluster, I introduced a 12-pack to media room with regards to — and premium inside my kids home.

Goo Goos for everybody. Only in Nashville.


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